Key opposition members summoned for questioning over rally

Deputy President of the opposing Peoples’ National Congress, PNC and former MP of Hoarafushi constituency, Mohamed Ismail has been summoned for questioning over a rally held on Independence Day.

The PPM-PNC joint opposition coalition staged a protest on Sunday night to voice disapproval against the current government. Both Nimal and Ismail were among the main protestors.

The summons sent by the police said both Nimal and Ismail had taken part in an unlawful gathering which called to overthrow a legitimate government, and encouraged the public to act unlawfully. Both individuals are to present themselves at the police headquarters at 3:00pm on Tuesday.

During Sunday’s rally, the protestors called for the resignation of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and chanted that the government had failed to do anything substantial for the nation over the past 1.5 years. Led by Naifaru MP and Deputy Leader of PPM, Ahmed Shiyam, the protestors marched along the main street of the capital and ended their protest in front PPM Office on the outer ring road of Male’.