Defense minister hails Maldives-India relations

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has stated that the relations between Maldives and India are very beneficial to the Maldives.

The minister’s statement comes while the opposition has been criticizing the government, claiming that the government is ‘selling’ the state to forign countries, and launched a special social media campaign under the name ‘India Out’.

In a tweet published on Tuesday, Minister Mariya said India has been a strong and formidable partner that has helped the Maldives maintain its sovereignty during the November 3, 1988 terrorist attack on Maldives. Implying that the neighbouring nation has always been the first to extend a helping hand during distressing situations, Mariya said India supplied the country with immediate relief during the 2014 water crisis, and that the country continues to be of great support to the Maldives during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The relations between India and Maldives have benefited the country economically, socially and in strengthening the country’s own sovereignty, said the minister.