Low numbers a requirement to reopen Male' guest houses: Minister

Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has stated that guest houses in the Greater Male’ Region can be reopened in November if the number of COVID-19 cases recorded decline to a specific target.

The government has decided that local guest houses except those in the Greater Male’ Region can resume operation from October 15 onwards.

Tourism Minister Mausoom said guest houses in Male’, Hulhumale and Villimale’ can be reopened in November if the daily number of positive COVID-19 cases fall.

“Our target is to prevent the positive percantage from exceeding five for two consecutive weeks. The positive percentage meaning the percentage of people testing positive from total number of tests conducted daily,” said the minister.

The minister urged the public to adhere to regulations and cooperate to keep the numbers down.

67 cases of COVID-19 were recorded over the past 24 hours, with 9,328 positive cases recorded to date. The numbers have declined from three digit figures to two digits over the past few days.