Drastic decline in amount collected as Green Tax

Maldives Finance Ministry has revealed that MVR 3.9 million was received as Green Tax during the month of June.

The ‘Green Fund’ report published by the ministry shows the revenue generated as Green Tax has declined dramatically due to the number of tourist arrivals falling significantly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While MVR 56 million was collected as Green Tax during June last year, the amount collected during the same period this year dropped to MVR 3.9 million.

The report showed the most amount of green tax was received from tourism facilities in Male’ atoll. While MVR 1.7 million was collected from guest houses, liveaboards and hotels in Male’ atoll, the guest houses contributed to MVR 143,398.32 out of the total amount collected. MVR 1.5 million was collected from resorts and no green tax was collected from hotels.

The report further showed that no Green Tax was received from atolls Ha., S., Th., L., Ga., and Gn. MVR 195,953.16 was collected as green tax from liveaboards.

The Finance Ministry said an expenditure of MVR 41 million was utilized from the green fund during the period. While the balance in the fnd is MVR 918 million, a total of MVR 148 million has been used from the fund thus far.