India-Maldives cargo ferry docks at Kulhuduffushi Port

The cargo ferry established between Maldives and Cochin, India has docked at Kulhudhuffushi Harbour.

MCP Linz departed from Tuticorin India to Cochin, and finally Maldives on September 21 carrying two containers of goods. The vessel arrived early Saturday morning with over 500 tonnes of goods.

According to reports, the goods include perishables such as onion and potatoes, as well as construction materials. The ferry is operated by India’s national shipping company, Shipping Corporation (SC). The Maldivian agent for the company is newly established national shipping company, Maldives State Shipping (MSS).

The vessel arrived in Kulhudhuffushi while the city has been placed under the Health Protection Agency (HPA)’s monitoring after a crewman working on a Kulhuduffushi vessel tested positive for COVID-19 earlier on Friday. President of Kulhudhuffushi Council, Abdul Latheef said although a ceremony was planned to celebrate the arrival of the vessel. However, it is unlikely that the event will be held due to the situation on the island.

It was previously discussed to operate a passenger ferry between Cochin and Maldives. However, the plan was later revised to operate a cargo ferry from Cochin to Kulhudhuffushi and Kulhuduffushi to Male’ two or three times in a month.