Special travel insurance packages introduced for tourists

Allied Insurance Company has introduced insurance policies aimed at tourists interested in visiting the Maldives during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The packages were introduced at a virtual ceremony held Thursday by Maldives’ Tourism Minister Abdulla Mausoom and Managing Director of Allied Insurance, Mohamed Shafaz. Titled ‘Inbound’ and ‘Inbound Plus’, the packages cost between US$ 25 to US$ 45.

According to Allied Insurance, the packages must be purchased by tourists prior to their arrival. Those visiting the Maldives for seven days or more can purchase the packages.

The amount payable to the insurance company as premium for the Inbound Package is US$ 25 while US$ 35 will be charged for stays exceeding seven days. The premium for the Inbound Plus package is US$ 35 for seven day and US$ 45 for stays exceeding seven days. The package covers isolation facility charges, transportation charges for emergency transfers to isolation facilities and funeral costs in case of death. Tourism Minister Mausoom said the travel insurance packages would increase the confidence visitors have in the Maldives.

The insurance packages have been rolled out while the Maldives is preparing to reopen local guesthouses on October 15, after suspending operation due to the global pandemic. The Tourism Ministry expects 100,000 tourists to visit the tourism-dependent nation during the remainder of the year. Arrivals have remained disappointingly low, mostly due to travel restrictions and border closures, with 22,000 tourists visiting the MAldives since it reopened its borders on July 15.