Will release text messages related to MMPRC scandal, says Nasheed

Former president of the Maldives and current Speaker of the Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed has threatened to publicize text messages related to the MMPRC corruption scandal found on former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor’s mobile device.

While discussing the bill on amendments to criminalise unlawful enrichment during Tuesday’s parliament sitting, Nasheed expressed concern over delays in delivering justice on major corruption cases. Nasheed said while those suspected of being involved in the corruption are clear, he does not understand the delays in charging those involved in the crime. Nasheed blasted the Anti-Corruption Commission, Prosecutor General’s Office and Maldives Police Service for failure to take action against the perpetrators, and added that he shared over 70,000 text messages obtained from Adeeb’s mobile devices with the authorities for further investigation.

Adeeb has confessed to his involvement in the scandal in which millions in state funds were embezzled, and was convicted of related charges last week. While speaking at the parliament, Nasheed referred to Adeeb’s confession and said the information given by Adeeb can be used to implicate those involved.

“I have shared over 70,000 text messages sent from Adeeb’s mobile devices to his close acquintances, with the ACC and the parliament. Adeeb himslf has disclosed much information regarding the case while pleading guilty to his charges. I will publicize these messages,” said Nasheed.