Police files for charges against ex-tourism minister

Charges are being sought against former tourism Minister Ali Waheed in connection to the sexual harrasement allegations raised against him, Maldves Police Service has stated.

The former minister has been accused of multiple occurrences of sexual misconduct at the workplace. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih dismissed the minister earlier in July after employees of the ministry personally complained to the president regarding the minister’s conduct. A travel ban has since been imposed on the minister, and the police summoned him for investigation purposes. During the meeting, the former minister denied the allegations and told the police that he was being framed. He further said there was no basis to the allegations. The bogus accusations against him were being made due to political motive, and were a mean to dismiss him from his post, Ali Waheed had said.

The police Wednesday said their investigation into the sexual harrament allegations against the minister were reviewed and amended as per the advise of the Prosecutor General’s office. The case documents were handed over to the the Prosecutor General's Office on October 7, said the police.

The police earlier in July said the statements of 15 people have been recorded in connection to the sexual harrasment allegations. Hoevever, the police did not clarify if the statements were of victims.