'India seems to be the Maldives' financial advior'

Opposition MP, Ahmed Shiyam has stated that the financial affairs of the Maldives are now handled by neighbouring India. The MP made the remark while debating the payment system and payment services bill at the Parliament on Monday.

Shiyam, who is also the Vice President of main opposition, Progressive Party of Maldives, said while the government continues to submit several bills to the parliament, each bill mandates the establishment of new councils, commissions and political posts. Alleging the bills are being drafted by a law firm associated with Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath, Shiyam said India plays the role of a financial advisor to the Maldives in all bills related to the country’s finances.

“The financial intelligence of the Maldives is being managed by another country. We are unable to obtain a good investment with sound policies. Since the country’s financial intelligence is now in the hands of another country, the citizens cannot hope for good investments to come to the Maldives from another country,” said Shiyam.

Shiyam went on to accuse Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer of violating the Public Finance Act in the country’s COVID-19 spending. He further accused the government of using ‘blackmarket funds’ to make up for the budget deficit currently faced by the state.