'Changes to immigration law will expedite visa process'

Economic Minister, Fayyaz Ismail has stated that changes to the Immigration Law would expedite the issuance of visas.

Speaking at a ceremony held to launch Maldives Immigrations’ Stategic Action Plan (SOP) for years 2020 through 2024, Minister Fayyaz said the changes currently being brought to the Immigration Law will bring several eases in future. It would expedite the process of issuing visas and make it more efficient, said the minister.

The minister said the changes being brought to the Immigration law aims to increase the number of tourists visiting the Maldives, and provide efficient services.

“The current changes attracts tourists and entices them to visit the Maldives. The policies we have been following were very rigid and strict. [It is true that] border control and security must be strengthened. However, this can be balanced,” said the minister.

Speaking at the ceremony, Immigration Controller Mohamed ‘Hanafy’ Ahmed said the immigration services are being revolutionalised, and that a Whole-of-Government Approach is being followed. The good effects of the change are already evident, said the controller.