Fathaha Mall: One stop shop for authentic Maldivian products

It is no easy task to find locally made authentic Maldivian products in Male’. In fact, it is harder to find most items at one shop. However, the Fathaha retail chain makes it easy to acquire local products from one place.

Established in the 1980s, the Fathaha shops are easily one of the most popular one-stop shops in Male’. The shops showcase various products ranging from household items to cosmetics, and is a local favourite when shopping for home improvement items at affordable prices. While there are five Fathaha outlets in Male’, the company has been expanding over the past couple of years, with its most recent addition being the three-storey outlet strategically located on Maaveyo Magu.

The main feature that sets Fathaha Mall apart from other local stores is the availability of traditionally used Maldivian products. Kitchen tools such as traditional coconut scrapers, cooking stoves, Maldivian knives and areca nut cutters are available at the store, as well as more scarce items such as coir rope, weave mats with unique and intricate designs, medicine grinders, etc. Items that are no longer easily found in Male’ such as ‘dhaani’ - a traditional tool used to draw water from wells -, ‘Raabadhi’, used to collect and carry toddy in olden days, and games such as ‘Ovvalhugondi’ and beautifully crafted chess sets are also available in store. Traditional Maldivian attire such as 'Feyli' - a wrap-around sarong- are also available at the store. According to Fathaha, such items are popular among both locals and tourists.

Fathaha caters to both retail and wholesale customers. The company already sources traditional items to several local resorts.