Raysut Maldives introduces new grades of cement

Raysut Maldives Cement is partnering with State Trading Organization (STO) to introduce a new, quality grade of cement in the Maldives.

Raysut Cement Company’s CEO, Joey Ghose said the company hopes to continue supplying its flagship product, 42.5.R in addition to introducing new products to the Maldivian market. The 42.4.R cement is already used by STO for concrete purposes. A small amount of cement goes a long way in providing the desired strength, and takes a short while to set when poured into moulds.

According to Raysut Maldives, the newly introduced OPC 42.5N grade cement is aimed for small and medium scale projects. 50 kilogram and 1,000 kilogram bags of OPC 42.5N grade cement is now available for purchase from Thilafushi Cement Terminal at affordable rates.

Raysut Company said the company’s product, Sulfate Resistant Cement or SRC Cement is a product specifically aimed for construction projects at water and salt water prone sites. The cement is ideal for construction of jetties, water bungalows, sewerage and desalination plants and harbors. While SRC cement has now been launched in Maldives, contractors can easily purchase the product in bulk at affordable rates.

The company’s local portfolio includes three products which include OPC 42.5R, 42.5N and SRC. Raysut Maldives’ products are now available for wholesale and retail purchase.

Raysut Maldives believes the availability of a large range of construction products in the Maldives will enhance the industry as it would provide more opportunities to carry out projects in the Maldives.