Eco Park developed in G.Dh Nadella Kulhi area under BML Community Fund

An Eco Park developed in G.Dh Nadella Gonaanigili Kulhiyaa under the BML’s Community Fund initiative was opened on Saturday.

The Eco Park project which carried out by Nadella Island Development Society (NIDS) focuses on increasing awareness and encouraging visitors to experience the natural beauty of the area while helping to preserve it for future generations. The Eco Park is designed with a viewing platform and is equipped solar lighting, seating areas and waste bins to create an area which is relaxing, clean and environmentally sustainable. The maintenance of the park has been handed over to the island council.

NIDS thanked all the volunteers of NIDS and the people of Nadella who supported the Eco park project, and Bank of Maldives for funding the project.

The Bank has provided funding for projects in 40 islands across the country under Community Fund introduced in 2019.