Decrease in COVID-19 related hospitalizations

The number of COVID-19 related hospital admissions has decreased.

Statistics released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) show the daily number of COVID-19 patients receiving treatment at hospital hovered over 100 over the past two months. However, the number has been decreasing since March 21, the numbers show. 95 people were receiving treatment on March 21 while the number fell to 90 on Monday.

Speaking regarding the capacity available at COVID-19 facilities, the Director General of Public Health, Maimoona Aboobakuru said the facilities now have the capacity to cater to COVID-19 patients. The capacity available at the facilities had to be increased with the sudden increase in the number of positive cases over the past few months, she said.

While COVID-19 vaccine program is ongoing in the Maldives, HPA has said the country’s situation due to the pandemic is expected to improve. 2,447 cases are currently active in the Maldives.