Parliament approves to launch criminal investigation into MPL accidents

The parliament on Wednesday decided that a criminal investigation will be launched into the unfortunate accidents that recently took place at commercial port, Maldives Ports Limited (MPL).

Two people passed away in two separate accidents that took place at the port over the past few months. One passed away due to injuries sustained when a carpet roll fell on top of him while the second laborer passed away when he succumbed to injuries sustained after getting trapped under a glass pallet that fell on top of him.

The Parliament’s Committee on State-Owned Enterprises prepared a report on the accidents, which recommended several points of action with regard to the accidents. The proposals were approved with the votes of 26 members.

A separate report was also prepared on the incidents by MPL’s Investigation Committee. Those responsible for the negligence that led to the accidents were listed on the report. The report prepared by the Parliament Committee recommended that MPL takes action against the involved persons, and to launch a criminal investigation through the police. It further recommended that MPL ensures the safety of all workers.

Some other points of action recommended by the committee include enacting special port laws to ensure the safety of ports, amending the ‘Clearance Agent Registration Regulations’, separating MPL's Container Yard from Port Clearance Area as well as establishing a monitoring mechanism at the port.