19 percent increase in amount collected as revenue

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) said the center collected MVR 1.33 billion in March.

According to MIRA, the revenue collected in March was 28.4 percent more than the forecast amount, and 19.2 percent more than the amount collected during the same period last year.

MIRA said the increase in collected revenue is due to an increase in amount collected as Tourism Land Rent and TGST compared to the previous year.

51 percent of the revenue collected, or MVR 676.9 millions corresponds to TGST payments. 25.3 percent of the revenue, or MVR 335.39 million was collected as Tourism land rent. MVR 69.96 million was collected as Green Tax while MVR 69.91 million was collected as Income Tax. MVR 32.41 million was collected as Airport Development Fee and an additional MVR 142.99 million was collected as Other Taxes and Charges.

MIRA said the revenue collected includes USD 63.73 million.