Expenses of Nasheed's treatment arranged through Honorary Consul

Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed has been transferred to Germany for further medical treatment.

Nasheed was taken to ADK Hospital on May 6 after he sustained several injuries in an explosion near his residence in Male'. According to the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), the blast occurred when an IED strapped to a motorcycle detonated. Multiple critical surgeries were performed on Nasheed at ADK Hospital, and he remained in the Intensive Care Unit until his departure to Germany. He is in stable condition.

According to the Parliament Secretariat, all expenses incurred for his private transfer to Germany via air ambulance and treatment in Germany will be borne by the German government. All arrangements were made though Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Maldives' Honorary Consul in Germany Christian Von Stetten, said the Parliament Secretariat.

AVAS has learnt that Nasheed is accompanied by niece and Parliament Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla's Husband Ahmed Shahid and a female cousin on his visit to Germany.