All relations between Maldives and Israel remain suspended: Gov't

The Maldives government has stated that it stands against the injustices being committed by Israel against the people pf Palestine, and that the Maldives remains in solidarity with the Palestinian people's struggle to secure their right to statehood.

Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday took part in a campaign, 'Free Palestine' organized by Maldivian youth to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. Taking part in the event, the president posted the picture of a Palestine flag on his official twitter handle, and assured that the people of the Maldives stand with Palestine.

Retweeting the president's original post, Spokesperson at the President's Office, Mohamed Mabrook Azeez said the Maldives' stance on the Palestine issue is very clear, and that the Maldives remains in solidarity with Palestine. He further said that all relations between Maldives and Israel remain suspended, and that the ban on importing Israeli products introduced in 2014 still remains in place.

President Solih earlier this week condemned the atrocities being committed against Palestinians by Israel. The president said that Israel continues to violate international law by forcefully evicting Palestinian families from Palestinian lands, and and by escalating attacks on Muslims offering prayers in the Al Aqsa complex, the third most Holy Site for Muslims. The President in his address at the 74th UN General Assembly also made clear the Maldives' stand on the Palestine issue. He has spoken on the issue on different platforms over the past two years.