Pres acknowledges mistakes in managing COVID-19 situation

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Tuesday acknowledged that mistakes in COVID-19 management led to the current alarming surge in infections.

Speaking at a press conference held by the President's Office, President Solih said the sudden rise in numbers is alarming and that additional safety measures are necessary to minimise further loss. In his statement, President Solih noted how this month had been particularly devastating as there were more COVID-19 deaths recorded in May 2021 than the combined number of all COVID-19 deaths in 2020.

The country reached its current state partly due to the eases granted earlier in April, said the president. However, he does not wish to point fingers, he added. The country has been doing a remarkable job in managing its COVID-19 situation, and the president does not believe authorities have failed in managing the crisis, he further said.

The Maldives has reported 58,345 confirmed cases to date. The country's toll is at 144.