Additional medical facility to be established in Hulhumale'

An additional medical facility will be established in reclaimed surburb Hulhumale' to provide treatment to COVID-19 patients.

A 274-bed medical facility was established last year in Hulhumale to treat COVID-19 patients. 34 doctors and 116 nurses are employed at the facility. However, the facility is currently overburdened due to a surge in COVID-19 infections and shortage of medical staff.

Speaking at a press conference held Tuesday, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said a new medical facility with 270 beds will be established in Hulhumale'. However, no further details were shared.

The Maldives is currently experiencing an alarming surge in COVID-19 infections. While over 58,000 confirmed cases have been recorded to date, the month of May has been particularly devastating, with more COVID-19 deaths recorded in May 2021 than the combined number of all COVID-19 deaths in 2020. Both the Hulhumale' Medical Facility and the DH11 unit established for COVID-19 patients in Dharumavanha Hospital are near its full capacity, and the health system is overburdened.