May 6 attack investigation expected to reach completion next month

Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem has stated that the police investigation into the May 6 terror attack that targeted Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed will be concluded next month.

Speaking at a press conference held at the PG Office on Sunday, Shameem said all documents related to the police investigation are expected to be received by the Prosecutor General's Office in July, and that PGO hopes to forward the case to the court for charging before August 5. Shameem said he was happy with the police investigation and said a public prosecutor from PGO is working with the police in investigating the case. The police provide weekly briefings on the progress of the investigation directly to the Prosecutor General, he added.

According to the law, the investigation must be concluded within 45 to 75 days. Shameem said the police will be able to meet the timeline and said the police are carrying out the investigation in a very balanced manner. If the investigation is carried out in haste, the true criminals behind the attack may not be identified and if the investigation is too slow, there is a chance that evidence may be tampered with, said Shameem.

'We will not leave aspect untouched, in haste to swiftly conclude the case. We want to find out who financed the attack, we want to find out who schemed the attack and who encouraged it. Even if we charge those who carried out the attack, the investigation of the remaining aspects will continue. We will not let go of any parts', he said.

While the police continue to investigate the case, the case will be presented to the court by PG Shameem himself. Shameem said the attack on Nasheed is one of the most serious cases and that he would represent the state at Criminal Court.

Nasheed was taken to ADK Hospital in Maldives' capital Male' on the night of May 6 after he sustained serious injuries in an explosion near his residence in Male'. According to the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), the blast occurred when an IED strapped to a motorcycle was detonated. Multiple critical surgeries were performed on Nasheed at ADK Hospital, and he is currently recuperating from his injuries in Germany. Five arrests have been made in connection to the terror attack thus far. The police have released the identities of four out of the five suspects. They are Adhuham Ahmed (25), Mujaz Ahmed (21), Thahmeen Ahmed (32), and Ahmed Fathih (23).