City Council requests to extend rent-free duration granted to Hiyaa flat recipients

Male' City Council has requested the government to grant a duration of nine months to complete the finishing works of the 'Hiyaa' flats.

The government is preparing to hand over the Hiyaa flats to its recipients in the upcoming months. However, some finishing works, including tiling, painting, and installation of doors, lights and fans remain incomplete, and tenants are expected to finish the work on their own. The government previously said a period of three months will be granted to tenants rent-free to complete the work.

In a tweet posted Sunday, Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said three months is not an adequate period for tenants to complete the pending work at their own expense. Only a few families will be able to complete the work within the given time frame, said Muizzu. Therefore, the City Council has requested the President's Office and the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to extend the duration to nine months, said Muizzu in his tweet.

The government is preparing to begin the signing of lease agreements for the flats on July 14. The current government has set the monthly fee for the Hiyaa flats at MVR 7,500. The City Council has requested the government to revise the monthly fee to MVR 5,500.