City Council receives MVR 1 mln for mosque repairs

Male' City Council has stated that it received MVR 1 million from Islamic Ministry's Waqf Fund to repair and renovate three mosques in Male' City.

A press release issued by the City Council said if there are any repair works that need to be done in any mosque, the council will begin the work immediately. Some repairs have been done thus far this year although the repairs are small in scale. The repairs were carried out as per the Public Finance Act, said the council.

The City Council said three mosques require major repairs. However, the work has not been delegated to any party thus far. The mosques that require major repairs are Masjid AlShaikh Gasim Bin Muhammad Al-Thani in Hulhumale' and Masjid alFurqan and Masjid Shaheed Ali in Male'. Islamic Ministry has provided financial assistance of MVR 1 million for the repairs via its Qaqf Fund, the council said.

The City Council said Masjid Ibrahim, Dharumavantha Rasgefaanu Miskiy, and Eid Miskiy also need repairs. Noting that most mosques in Male' are old buildings, sudden repairs may be needed for the mosques, said the council. All mosques in a Male' need a fresh coat of paint, the council further noted.