No room for parliamentary system in the Maldives, says ex-pres

Former President of the Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has stated that the Maldives has no room for a parliamentary system of government.

The former president's comments come following a declaration by Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed that he would continue to undertake efforts to change the Maldives' government system from a presidential to a parliamentary system.

Speaking on the 'Ask Speaker' program on Monday night, Nasheed said he will compete in the party primary to secure the presidential ticket for the 2023 election. However, instead of having a presidential election in 2023, the country should opt for a parliamentary system of governance as it would be more beneficial for the nation, said Nasheed. He added that attempts to change the governance system will be successful.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday following Nasheed's comments, Maumoon said he believes a presidential government system is most beneficial for the Maldives. Noting that the Maldivian people had decided through a referendum that they prefer a presidential system, Maumoon said is it clear that there is no room for a parliamentary system in the Maldives.

Maumoon has expressed similar sentiments in the past when Nasheed spoke regarding changing the government system.