Cooperation with gov't depends on its actions: Male' Mayor

Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the mayor's cooperation with the government depends on the actions of the government. The mayor made the statement in response to a concern expressed in his personal community Viber group, where a member of the public accused the mayor of inconveniencing the government by complicating affairs.

In his response, Muizzu said he was not a person to deliberately complicate the affairs of the government. He said he would continue to knock on every door to ensure that the needs of Male' city residents are adequately met, as per his campaign vows. If the government does not cooperate, he would continue to share the information with the residents as per his pledge, he added.

The Mayor said if the government works to fulfill the needs of Male' residents, the mayor would remain the closest ally of the government. His actions would mirror the attitude of the government, he said. However, if the government does not work towards the benefit of the citizens, he would do all in his power to make sure the government changes its course to be in line with the needs of the city's residents, he added. If the people of Male' did not care whether their rights were being fulfilled and if the government's actions were in line with the people's needs, the city would have elected some other person as their mayor, he said.

The mayor further assured that his words and actions would always match and that he would truthfully and sincerely advocate for the city's people. The people voted for him as Mayor with the confidence that he would remain their advocate and fulfill his pledges, he added.