Pres-elect pledges to transfer Hulhumale' to Male' City Council in first 100 days

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizu has pledged to transfer Hulhumale' under the jurisdiction of Male' City Council within the first 100 days of his presidency.

Changing Hulhumale' under City Council jurisdiction is a presidential promise of Dr. Mohamed Muizzu.

Meeting residents of Hulhumale Phase I at Hulhumale Central Park on Saturday, Dr. Muizzu said the day-to-day municipal services needed in Hulhumale' can be provided if Hulhumale' is under the Male' City Council. He outlined several responsibilities that the City Council would assume under this change, including ensuring the delivery of services mandated by the Decentralization Act and tasks like street lighting, beach cleaning, and maintaining Hulhumale's roads.

“With the changes, arrangements will be made with all the necessary resources,” he said.

The transfer of Hulhumale' to the Male' City Council was also a promise made by outgoing President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. However, no concrete efforts were made to fulfill this commitment during his administration.

During Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's tenure as Male' Mayor, the City Council invalidated Hulhumale's land registry, which was then held by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), now Urbanco. The City Council subsequently passed a resolution to transfer Hulhumale' under the Male' City Council. However, HDC contested this decision in court, arguing that it violated the Constitution, the Decentralization Act, and the Land Act. The court ultimately ruled in favor of HDC.