High Court upholds lower court decision on Hulhumale' Land Registry conflict

The High Court on Tuesday upheld the Civil Court's decision to issue a stay order blocking the termination of Hulhumale' Land Registry issued to Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

When the former administration was in power, then-Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu registered reclaimed Hulhumale' to HDC. However, after being elected Male' City Mayor last year, he claimed Hulhumale' to be within Male' City Council's jurisdiction and terminated the land registry issued to HDC. The decision came after a disagreement between the City Council and HDC after HDC refused to give permission to hold an opposition rally in Hulhumale' Phase II.

Following the termination, HDC filed a case with the Civil Court over the matter. The court then issued a stay order on the termination of the land registry until a decision was reached on the issue.

The court's decision was appealed at the High Court by the City Council. In a hearing held Tuesday, the court said if the stay order is not upheld, HDC will face irrecoverable losses. The ruling noted while HDC has carried out multiple transactions using the land registry issued to them, failure to issue an injunction to stop the land registry's termination would cause more loss to HDC than to the City Council.

The Judges on the High Court bench were Judges Ali Sameer, Mohamed Faisal, and Mohamed Niyaz.