Issues between both presidents can be resolved: MDP

Main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has stated that issues between Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed, and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih can be resolved.

In a statement issued by Nasheed on Saturday, he said that it would not be easy to work with the government if it continues to withdraw support for its own bill that criminalizes hate crimes and labeling of persons as non-muslims. Nasheed heavily criticized the government as well as ruling coalition partner Adhaalath in the statement, accusing Adhaalath Party of 'monopolizing' the government's every decision.

Speaking regarding the issues between the party's leaders to AVAS, MDP's Chairperson Hassan Latheef said Nasheed's concerns are shared by the party as a whole. Adding that the so-called 'Hisaan Bill' was sponsored by the government and that the government has now retracted its support for its own bill, such a move by the government is not acceptable, said Latheef.

Latheef further said the views of both presidents differ on the matter of the bill. However, the differences can be resolved and that is up to both leaders, he added. When asked if there is a chance that MDP may break up into two factions, Latheef said it is still early to speak on such a possibility.