Expat teachers required to quarantine upon return to Maldives

The Education Ministry has said expatriate teachers will need to complete a five-day quarantine upon their arrival in the Maldives before reporting to duty.

In a letter sent to schools, the ministry said teachers are required to quarantine as per the guidelines set by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). The teachers will complete their quarantine at their destination island, and a negative PCR test result will be required before they are allowed to report to school, said the ministry.

The Education Ministry made the decision to quarantine teachers after the HPA decided that those traveling from South Asian countries can enter the Maldives without the need to quarantine. Health concerns were raised by the public and complaints were filed at island councils over the matter. The Ministry said the decision to quarantine expatriate teachers was reached after discussion with the Education Ministry.

HPA previously said locals and work permit holders can enter the country from South Asian countries without having to quarantine if they have completed the full doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, or if 60 days have not passed since they tested positive for CVID-19. However,a negative PCR test result with a sample taken within 92 hours prior to departure is required for entry.