Medianet advises against unlawfull rebroadcasting

Medianet has advised against unlawful rebroadcasting of the channels under the authorized distributorship of Medianet.

Medianet stated in a press release that it had come to their notice that some of the tourist establishments operating in the Maldives, are offering TV Channels which are under the authorized distributorship of Medianet, through sources other than Medianet’s authorized service.

Medianet, is the largest Pay Tv and Cable Tv operator in the Maldives, and is the authorized distributor of channels such as CNN, Zee TV, National Geographic channel, Star Sports, Cartoon Network and many more.

Medianet also stated that any person or company (including tourist establishment) found infringing or otherwise violating any rights held by Medianet, by including as part of the in-room cable tv service or by showing or viewing channels that are distributed by Medianet within its premises, without the express permission of Medianet shall be subject to legal action. This is also including but not limited to suing for compensation by virtue of Broadcasting Act (Law No. 16/2010) and Copyright and Related Rights Act (Law No. 23/2010) for the infringement of rights held by Medianet.

Concluding the press release Medianet also asked Maldives Broadcasting Commission and other relevant state authorities to take appropriate legal action against people who unlawfully rebroadcast channels that Medianet holds the rights of distribution for.