Unvaxxed teachers temporarily suspended

Five teachers who did not complete their COVID-19 vaccination have been suspended.

The Education Ministry instructed all employees at local schools to complete their COVID-19 vaccination by August 10. While a special campaign was conducted to ensure that school employees are vaccinated, the project was highly successful.

Permanent Secretary at the Education Ministry, Ahmed Ali told AVAS that five teachers from three schools did not complete any doses of the COVID-19 vaccine by the deadline. Therefore, the teachers have been placed under suspension, said Ali.

The Education Ministry Tuesday said it had not yet decided on the action that would be taken against teachers who do not receive the vaccine. A decision on action taken against such teachers will be decided after discussion with the Civil Service Commission. The ministry further said while there is a shortage of teachers at this time, the ministry does not wish to terminate any teachers. However, ensuring the safety of students is of utmost importance to the ministry, it said.

The Education Ministry has revised guidelines such that only those who are fully vaccinated can enter school premises from September 1. A 'Green Card' will be issued to fully vaccinated parents. Work is also underway to vaccinate students between the ages of 12 and 18.