Unvaxxed civil servants required to undergo PCR test every two weeks

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has said civil servants who have not completed COVID-19 vaccination will be required to undergo PCR tests every two weeks.

CSC Thursday said a negative PCR test is required for all unvaccinated civil servants to report to work from September 1. The test must be repeated once every two weeks until they complete the recommended dose of the vaccine.

The commission has asked all civil servants to complete their vaccination before September 1. All entities under CSC are asked to ensure their employees follow the guidelines.

While CSC has decided to enforce strict measures against unvaccinated civil servants, the Education Ministry this week suspended five teachers who did not complete their vaccination before the beginning of the new academic year. The Education Ministry has said only vaccinated people can enter school premises from September 1, and the new guideline is applicable to both teachers and parents alike.