Mahloof disqualified from contesting in MDP National Council elections

Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof has been informed that he cannot contest in main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s National Council Election.

Mahloof was to compete for the Presidency of North Province in MDP's National Council elections.

A letter sent to Mahloof signed by MDP's Secretary-General Shazly Shafeeq said Mahloof did not meet the requirements to compete in the party's National Council elections. The letter further said while the party opened applications for National Council election candidacy in April 24, it forwarded the names of eligible candidates to relevant authorities as per the instructions of the Party's National Executive Committee. The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) then informed the party that it was investigating a corruption case that involved Mahloof, which disqualifies him from contesting in the election.

Along with Mahloof, who is accused of being involved in the MMPRC graft, State Minister at Planning Ministry, Akram Kamaluddin has also been informed that he cannot contest in the National Council elections. Akram, who intended to run for Male' Presidency, is also believed to be a recipient of funds through the MMPRC graft.