'Agreements will be terminated if flats are rented out'

Planning Ministry has said the 'Hiyaa' flat agreements will be terminated if flat recipients rent out their apartments.

The ministry made the statement at a time when advertisements seeking to rent out Hiyaa flats are being published on public forums. The advertisements ask for MVR 10,000 in monthly rent. Flat owners pay MVR 7,500 to the government.

Regarding the advertisements, State Minister at the Planning Ministry, Akram Kamaluddin said Hiyaa flats are intended for those who are in desperate need of social housing. Therefore, renting out the apartments is unacceptable, said the minister.

Akram said a policy is in place that does not allow for flat recipients to rent out their apartments. However, if necessary, one out of the two rooms may be rented out. If the recipient has to travel abroad for medical purposes, the flat may be rented out for a one-year period. However, this arrangement can only be made by involving the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and the Planning Ministry, he added.

'We will advise those posting advertisements that they cannot do this. If they act against our advise, we will act as per policies to terminate [the agreements],' said Akram.

HDC said until the full payment of the flat is paid, it cannot be rented or sold without the permission of relevant authorities. Action will be taken against those who act against the regulations, said HDC.