Faris Maumoon running uncontested for MRM presidency

Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) has said Faris Maumoon will be running uncontested for Party President in its first National Convention.

The party has published its final list of candidates vying for the party's 12 leadership positions. Faris Maumoon, the party's founder and former President of the Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom's son, is the only candidate running for the president post.

At the national convention, the party will be electing two deputy presidents - one male and one female. Aminath Nadira, is running uncontested for one slot while Shimaz Ali and Shazail Shiyam will be contesting for the remaining position.

Additionally, 20 members will be elected to the party's Executive Committee. This includes an equal number of male and female members. A president, a deputy president and 30 members will be elected to the party's Youth Council, as well as a president, deputy president and 20 members to the Women's Council. Five members will also be elected to the party's Elections Committee, Disciplinary Committee and Appeals Committee.

MRM's congress has been scheduled for October 2. Any registered members of the party can run for the party posts, while members below the age of 30 can run for the Youth Council.