Health Ministry investigating 6-year-old's death

The Health Ministry has launched an investigation after a child passed away while receiving treatment at Fuvahmulah Hospital.

6-year-old Sadaa Saud Ahmed Hussain was taken to Fuvahmulah Hospital on Sunday morning with complaints of a stomachache and vomiting. The child passed away around sun-down later the same day after she received an injection at the hospital. The family has accused the hospital of negligence, and suspects the child was given a wrong injection.

Fuvahmulah Hospital has not made a comment regarding the child's death thus far. The city's Mayor, Ismail Rafeeq said the council has requested the hospital for an account of the events surrounding the girl's death. The information will be presented to relevant authorities once received, said the mayor.

An official from the Health Ministry said it made a request at the hospital for information on how the girl was treated and what medicines were used for her treatment. The ministry will prepare a report once the information is received, and if any negligence is identified, appropriate action will be taken, the ministry assured.