Nasheed travels to UAE

Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed has traveled to United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Nasheed traveled to UAE from the United Kingdom while the World Expo, in which the Maldives is participating, is ongoing in UAE. Nasheed was greeted by the Maldivian contingent's leader, Yoosuf Riza on his arrival to UAE.

The former president will be participating in the expo's World Majlis, where leaders and visionaries discuss technologies for altering the biosphere and ethics, politics and economics of deploying such techniques.

Following a terror attack targeting Nasheed in May this year, Nasheed traveled to Germany and then to United Kingdom to recuperate from the injuries sustained in the attack, and has not returned to the Maldives since then. Nasheed has voiced hesitation to return to the Maldives before the investigation into the attack is concluded, as he continues to fear for his life.