Over 55,900 beds available in 1,107 tourist facilities

The number of tourist beds in the Maldives has increased to almost 56,000.

Official statistics by the Tourism Ministry show the total capacity of tourist beds in the Maldives is 55,921. While there are 1,107 tourist facilities in the Maldives, this includes 166 resorts, 782 hotels and guest houses and 159 liveaboards.

The statistics show resorts have a total capacity of 38,849 beds while hotels and guest houses have 14,110 beds. Safaris and liveaboards have a bed capacity of 2,962.

The most number of tourist resorts and beds are in Male' atoll. With 50 resorts, two hotels and 155 guest houses, 12,048 beds are available in the capital atoll. The least bed capacity is available in Gn. atoll Fuvahmulah, and the least number of resorts are in HDh. and Th. atoll, with one resort in each atoll.

Atolls with most number of tourist facilities:
Male' atoll: Total bed capacity 12,048 (50 resorts, 2 hotels, 155 guest houses)
HDh. atoll: Total bed capacity 4,350 (17 resorts, 1 hotel, 69 guest houses)
R. atoll: Total bed capacity 3,288 (13 resorts, 4 guest houses)
B. atoll: Total bed capacity 3,104 (16 resorts, 1 hotel, 45 guest houses)
Dh. atoll: Total bed capacity 2,804 (9 resorts, 5 guest houses)
Aa. atoll: Total bed capacity 2,224 (11 resorts, 112 guest houses)