First generator assembled by STELCO taken to Hangnaameedhoo

The first generator assembled by STELCO's Stewo workshop has been taken to ADh. Hangnaaameedhoo.

Stewo was officially inaugurated by the Managing Director of STELCO, Hassan Mughuny on October 4. The STELCO workshop has introduced three different models of the STW generators to the Maldives. They are STW 300, STW 600 and STW 800. The newly assembled generator taken to Hangnaameedhoo is a 300 kva 300 STW model generator set.

Stewo said customers may now place orders for generators. Local warranty, after service and installation services are offered with each purchase.

As a company that has operated for over 70 years, STELCO believes its engineers are extremely qualified to offer quality services to customers. The company's MD, Mughuny said the generators available in the Maldives are of the same quality as generators available abroad, and can be used for long years.