MV Navios Amaryllis fined MVR 100 mln for damages caused to reef

The owners of MV Navios Amaryllis have been fined MVR 100,000,000 for damages caused to Rasfari reef as a result of the vessel grounding on the reef.

The Panama-flagged bunker ran aground west of Rasfari reef on August 19. The vessel's crew cited engine failure as the cause of the incident. However, several questions have been raised regarding the course of events that led to the incident. The vessel was successfully refloated on August 22, and remains detained in the Maldives until the accident is investigated.

A statement issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the owners were fined under the Environment Protection and Preservation Act of the Maldives, under the regulations which specify fines for damages for environment related offences. The vessel's Maldivian agent, Antrac Holding Private Limited was informed on October 25 that the fine must be paid within 30 days, the statement said.

The statement further said EPA, along with Maldives National Defense Force conducted a survey to assess the damages to the reef after the vessel was refloated. The assessment found that an area of over 8867 square meter was damaged in the incident.

EPA also said while the damages caused to the reef require a compensation of MVR 893.95 million, the Environment Protection and Preservation Act of the Maldives states that the highest amount that can be charges as a fine for environment related offences is MVR 100 million. The agency is in communication with the Attorney General's Office to arrange the payment through the court, the statement further said.