Cybercrime is on the rise! Don't let it cripple your business

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of the hybrid workplace, organizations must be proactive about security solutions to their IT infrastructure. Effective strategies need to be employed:


- Cyber threats are dramatically expanding while becoming more complex
- Non-genuine /‘grey market’ software can be easily penetrated by hackers
- Hackers,Malware and Ransomware can cripple your organization
- The financial impact to your organization is substantial


- Embed Cybersecurity into the entire organization
- Train employees to think with security in mind
- Work with partners in the supply chain to improve security


- Microsoft’s zero trust model can help organizations provide security which encompasses today’s hybrid workplace and protects them against all threats
- Employ cutting edge Microsoft Security Solutions
- Microsoft 365 is a solution offering extend, detection and respond capabilities for identities, endpoints, cloud apps, email, and documents
- Microsoft 365 Defender delivers intelligent, automated, and integrated security

Act NOW and ensure total protection with Microsoft Security Solutions from Trident Corporation.