Fire breaks out at MP Jabir's Casa Mia

A fire broke out at Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir's guesthouse 'Casa Mia' in Aa. Mathiveri on Saturday.

It has been reported that the incident occurred in the electricity station established to provide electricity to the guest house. The President of Mathiveri Council, Ahmed Aslam, said MP Jabir believes the fire resulted from an act of arson. However, he disagrees with the claim, the council president said.

'I would not say it was a deliberate act. Like Jabir requested, we, too, wish for law enforcement authorities to thoroughly investigate the incident. Jabir is a person who threatens the people of this island and speaks to them using derogatory language. The residents of the island should not be punished due to Jabir's actions,' Aslam said.

Shedding light on the recent altercations between MP Jabir and Mathiveri residents, the council president said the residents of the islands have never mistreated a visitor or denied them entry, Aslam said. He further reiterated that Jabir threatened the island's residents and had spoken to him in foul language in the past. Aslam also said Jabir had not paid the land rent for the plot on which Casa Mia is built and said Jabir owes the island council over MVR 4.7 million.

This is not the first fire incident to have occurred in Mathiveri. Jabir had said the first fire was also an act of arson.