Opposition coalition to hold special rally on Friday

The Progressive Congress Coalition will be holding a special rally on Friday night, in which former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom will be participating.

The former President was freed from a money laundering conviction on Tuesday when the Supreme Court ruled he was not guilty of the charges.

Speaking to AVAS, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, who was the party's acting leader in Yameen's absence, said the opposition coalition would be doubling their political activities in the coming days with President Yameen's newfound freedom. In this regard, the coalition will hold a special rally Friday night to relaunch and revamp the coalition's political activities, he said. Information on the opposition's movement will be shared during the rally, he said.

'We will be sharing information on the political activities that President Yameen will lead in the upcoming days. We will begin activities that focus on the atolls and are making the arrangements and preparations for the [Friday night's] rally', he said.

The rally will be held at the Carnival Area in Male' City at 08:30 pm. This will become the first rally held by the opposition since President Yameen was freed.

Abdul Raheem said President Yameen would be leading the campaign to out Indian military personnel in the Maldives. President Yameen will not step back in fighting to ensure the country's independence and advocate for the religion, he said.

Criticizing the police for obtaining a Criminal Court travel ban order to restrict Yameen from leaving the country, Abdul Raheem said there is no point in seeking a travel ban as President Yameen dearly loves his country and would not leave the Maldives.

'While President Yameen was in jail, the government offered to send him abroad on multiple occasions. But did he leave the country and live lavishly under the pretense of leaving the country to treat a backache? It is silly that the government thinks he will leave the country now that he is free, and he will not leave the country and remain in service of the Maldivian people,' Abdul Raheem said.

He went on to state that President Yameen would take the lead in holding President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's government accountable. Yameen would work to bring a stop to all unlawful doings of the government, he assured.