Opposition coalition overcomes disputes, unites in support of Muizzu's candidacy

The leadership of the Progressive Congress Coalition (PPM-PNC coalition) has agreed to work together to reconcile the differences regarding the coalition’s presidential candidate, Dr.Mohamed Muizzu.

The leaders of the Progressive Coalition disagreed regarding producing a candidate for the upcoming presidential election after their jailed leader, former president Abdulla Yameen instructed the coalition to boycott the election following a Supreme Court verdict that he was not eligible to contest the election. Despite Yameen's directive, the coalition's Senate decided to elect a candidate, prompting Yameen to eventually align with their decision. Simultaneously, PNC had proactively designated Male' Mayor Muizzu as their candidate, anticipating a scenario where Yameen was barred from contesting the election.

However, dissent among certain leadership members led to heightened tensions and internal division, with some refusing to join Muizzu's campaign.

In a recent development, the coalition addressed the media, assuring that their leadership had successfully resolved disagreements and had united in support of Muizzu's presidential bid.

PNC's Acting LEader, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, said the party's leadership remained united and strong and assured that Muizzu would win the election through their unified stance.

Addressing rumors that Muizzu was contesting the election in opposition to President Yameen's wishes, Abdul Raheem said there were no opponents of President Yameen in the coalition's Senate. Those who are advocating to contest the election are doing so in the best interest of Yameen, he said.

Abdul Raheem further highlighted that said the Progressive Coalition's commitment to democratic principles is evident in how they tackle and resolve internal disputes.

Speaking to reporters, Dr. Muizzu affirmed their allegiance to President Yameen. He said they remain loyal to Yameen and that Yameen would have confidence in their loyalty.

Muizzu further disclosed that upon securing his presidential ticket, he contacted President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih advocating for Yameen to be transferred to home arrest. Muizzu said despite having received the presidential ticket under the current circumstance, it was his firm belief that Yameen was the rightful candidate for the coalition's presidential ticket.