Pandora Papers leak more information on Fuggiri lease

Pandora Papers has leaked confidential information on the corruption linked to the lease of R. Fuggiri island. The leak comes when former President of the Maldives, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, has been charged with money laundering in relation to the case.

As per the information leaked on Pandora, a former Deputy Chief of Staff of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kirill Androsov, was involved in the deal. In addition to Adrosov, influential Indian businessmen, including Avinash Bhosale, one of the country's biggest property developers, were involved in the illegal deal.

The paper alleges that Adrosov sought funds for the 2015 deal from a Russian businessman, Evgeny Novitsky, who is alleged to have mob ties. It further states that Fuggiri was leased to a British Virgin Islands company, Depezar Services Limited, which was 50 percent owned by two Turkish businessmen.

The information publicized on the platform makes no mention of President Yameen, except that charges had been raised against him and that trial was ongoing.

The state has charged Yameen with money laundering and accepting bribes through misuse of power. The prosecution claims President Yameen acquired USD 1,117,000 through the influence of his position. According to the state, Yameen received the funds from the sale of Fuggiri island through Ahmed Krik Riza and laundered the funds through Sun Construction and Engineering and Sun Investment.