Opposition rally planned for Phase II will be held in Male'

The opposition's rally planned to be held in Hulhumale' Phase II will be moved to Male'.

The Progressive Congress coalition was planning a rally, 'Kotharu Koshi' - a term used by pro-government supporters to insult the Hiyaa flats - near the Hiyaa towers. Although the opposition obtained the permission of Male' City Council to hold the rally, stating that Hulhumale' comes under the council's jurisdiction, Housing Development Corporation, Hulhumale's developer, said no permits were obtained from HDC. They issued a public announcement asking to obtain permission from HDC if the opposition wished to hold their rally in Phase II.

However, the opposition insisted that Hulhumale came under the City Council's jurisdiction and refused to seek a permit from HDC. The coalition said they decided to change the rally venue as they do not wish to deal with HDC regarding the matter.

Spokesperson of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Heena Waleed said the party attempted to book the Usfasgandu area in Male' when the plans to hold the rally in Phase II fell apart. However, Heena said the government informed the party that the land belonged to the government and would not connect power to the location. Therefore, the rally will now be held in the Carnival area in Male', she added.

When the opposition began preparations for the rally in Phase II, HDC obstructed the area by parking heavy vehicles. The police arrived at the scene, stopped the preparations, and later said they would allow the preparations to continue if HDC issued a permit.

HDC and the City Council are also disputing on the matter, leading to the City Council terminating HDC's land registry for Hulhumale'. HDC has filed a case against the City Council over the move.