HDC launches smart city brand 'SmartCom'

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has launched its smart city brand 'SmartCom'.

The brand was unveiled at a ceremony held at Hotel Jen in capital Male' on Sunday. Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail, senior government entities, and representatives from HDC's Open Access Network partners Ooredhoo, Dhiraagu, and Medianet attended the ceremony.

HDC said the brand's vision is to digitally link the different communities in reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale. The main goal of SmartCom is to introduce various smart solutions in the city, said HDC.

The smart solutions introduced in the future under the brand will enhance the city's education, health, and travel sector. It will also ensure public safety and bring about business and economic development and create more job opportunities.

HDC said partnerships and incubation facilities would introduce opportunities for skilled youth interested in the technology industry, SMEs, and those who wish to enter the industry.

HDC is working hard to make Hulhumale' a smart city. In this regard, an open-access network is being introduced. The efforts to introduce the open-access network and establish a digital infrastructure are well underway, HDC said.

HDC aims to make Hulhumale' the first smart city in the Maldives through SmartCom. It hopes to expand smart solutions to other regions of the Maldives.