Court orders dept. mayor to pay outstanding rent from 2017

Deputy Mayor of Male' City Council, Ahmed Nareesh has been ordered by the Civil Court to pay outstanding rent to the owners of an apartment he occupied in 2017.

A case was filed at the Civil Court by an individual named Abdul Rahman Idris, from whom Nareesh had rented a two-room apartment in Male' City. He sought to receive MVR 98,865 for outstanding rent and utility bills through the court.

During the dispute resolution stage, Nareesh denied having outstanding payments and refused his charges. However, during a hearing held on November 29, Nareesh admitted that he had a pending payment of MVR 35,365, and requested the court for a six-month period to repay the amount.

However, the Civil Court on Monday ordered Nareesh to pay the outstanding amount (MVR 35,365) to the apartment owners within one month. The ruling said as per the rental agreement between Abdul Rahman and Nareesh, it is clear that Nareesh has outstanding payments. It further said while the case was ongoing, Nareesh paid MVR 35,000 earlier in April, also noting that the apartment owner had MVR 28,000, which Nareesh had paid as a deposit when he signed the lease. Therefore, the court ruled after deducting the amounts from MVR 98,865, the payable amount is MVR 35,365.

The ruling further said despite Nareesh having requested for a six-month period to repay the amount, the apartment owners have been trying to recover the money since 2017. As the lessor requires the payment within one month, the judge ruled that the payment must be completed within one month.