Aasandha launches official mobile app

National health insurance provider, Aasandha has launched a new mobile application through which users can check details of services obtained under the insurance scheme.

Vice President Faisal Naseem launched the application during a ceremony held Friday night to mark the 10th anniversary of Aasandha Company.

When users register on the application, they can view prescriptions issued to their name and details of the charges made under their names. Aasandha said the information can be accessed from any location at any time. The purpose of the application was to ensure that services are provided transparently, said Aasandha. If any suspicious transactions are identified, complaints may be submitted via the application.

Aasandha has also introduced a feature where notifications are sent to the registered mobile phone when a service is obtained. The message will contain details of the service received, the location, and details of the expenses.

Furthermore, Aasandha's official YouTube channel was launched on Friday. The channel will have videos and infographics on the services offered by Aasandha, the company said.