PPM seeks order to investigate criminal offenses related to 2018 election

The Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) has requested the Prosecutor General's Office for a court order to investigate the criminal acts committed during the 2018 Presidential Election.

PPM identified 25 possible criminal acts committed by individuals related to the 2018 Presidential Election and filed a case with the police last week for investigation. However, there has been no communication to indicate that the police are looking into the matter.

The party Tuesday said while the acts committed by individuals were criminal offenses, the power to investigate the crimes was with Maldives Police Service. PPM said the cases filed at the police are facing delays and that no updates regarding the investigations had been provided.

'.. Therefore, as Article 223 (f) states that it is the responsibility of the Prosecutor General to order any investigation that he deems desirable into complaints of criminal activity or into any other criminal activity of which he becomes aware, we requested the Prosecutor General to look into the complaint we filed with the police regarding the 2018 Presidential Election', the party said.